Selling your car

At Gsycars, we offer a comprehensive car-selling service, allowing you to maximise the return on your vehicle without the risk and hassle of selling it privately.

Our comprehensive service includes handling all aspects of the sale process. If needed we can provide advice on any necessary repairs or works needed to maximise your return.

We operate with a transparent commission structure that ensures you know exactly what you're paying for. Here's how it all works:

How It Works:

  • Get in Touch: Simply give us a call, and we'll schedule a convenient time to meet with you and assess your car's value.

  • Agree on the Sale Price: Once we agree on a sale price, we'll prepare a brokerage agreement that outlines all the details, including the price, car specifications, and the timeframe of the agreement.

  • Car Preparation: We'll take care of preparing your car and even do professional photography. Your vehicle remains with you until we find a potential buyer.

  • Listing and Marketing: We list your car on our website and market it locally and internationally on your behalf.

  • Connecting with Buyers: When a potential buyer shows interest, we'll contact you to arrange the car's collection. We'll prepare it and facilitate the test drive or viewing.

  • Handling the Sale: Once the car is sold, we manage all payments, paperwork, outstanding finance settlements, and the vehicle handover. Typically, the settlement is completed on the same day as delivery.

  • Insurance Coverage: Rest easy, as all vehicles are comprehensively insured while they're in our possession or on a test drive.

Benefits of Our Service:

At Gsycars, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional value and peace of mind to our clients throughout the car-selling process. Here are some key benefits that set us apart:

  • No upfront fees

  • Professional Experienced Representation

  • Local Knowledge and Expert Advice

  • Extensive Email List and Social Media Followers

  • We settle and Arrange Finance

  • Convenience, we Take Care of all the Hassle

  • Professional Sales Contracts and Agreements

  • Access to Our Trade Contacts

With Gsycars, you not only gain access to a wealth of experience but also benefit from a hassle-free, efficient, and transparent car-selling process. Your satisfaction and getting the best value for your vehicle are our top priorities. Contact us today to experience these benefits firsthand and embark on a successful car-selling journey.

Who Can Benefit from Our Service:

Our service caters to individuals interested in selling well-maintained, low-mileage cars in Guernsey. Our typical clients aim to maximise their vehicle's value while avoiding the complexities of private sales. Additionally, we frequently assist those dissatisfied with their trade-in or cash offers for newly ordered cars.

Types of Cars Suitable for Our Service:

  • Quality Low-mileage Used Cars

  • Prestige and Performance Vehicles

  • Classic and Niche Cars

  • Modern Classics

  • Nearly new Cars

Our Fees:

We believe in transparent pricing. Our commission structure is based on the sale price of your vehicle:

£5,000 - £19,995 - £1500

£20,000 - £29,995 - £2000

£30,000 - £49,995 - £2500

£50,000 - £75,000 - £3000

With our no-sale, no-fee policy, you won't encounter any hidden costs or extras throughout the process.

Ready to sell your car and get the best value? Contact us now for a free consultation!