Can I trade in my existing car?

Yes we are happy to take cars and light commercial vehicles in part exchange.

Do you arrange car finance?

Yes we can arrange Hire Purchase (HP) for you. We are agents for all the leading finance companies in the island. Most arrangements are typically based on 10% deposit and periods range from 12 to 48 months.

Can I arrange my own finance?

Yes. If you take out a loan to pay for your car, the lender will put the money in your account and you’ll pay us via bank transfer. If you want to arrange Hire Purchase, a lease or PCP finance separately, and we need to deal with your finance company or provide invoices etc there’ll be a £99 flat charge for this. If we don't need to assist your lender there is no additional charge.

Do I leave my car with you if I agree to sell it on a commission basis?

No, if you choose to proceed with a commission sale we take the car for photography, then return it to you until we have found a potential buyer.

Do you buy cars?

Yes we are always looking to buy modern and classic cars. You can find out more about our car buying service here.

Where are you based?

We are internet based and don’t operate from a fixed location. We will travel to you to view your car or for a test drive.

Do you buy Guernsey car registration numbers for cash?

Yes we buy low and intresting Guernsey car registration numbers for cash.

How will I receive payment for my car?

All payments are made the same day via bank transfer.

How long will you advertise a vehicle for?

We don’t have a time limit on listings. We often sell very specialist vehicles which can take time to sell.

Do you offer extended or additional warranties?

We don’t offer extended or additional 3rd party warranties once a vehicle is out of the manufactures cover.

Do you only take cars in part exchange?

No, we have previously taken vintage guitars, Rolex watches, boats, gold and silver in part exchange.

Do you buy non running cars?

Yes we buy non running cars and restoration projects.

Are you a Porsche specialist?

We don’t specialise in Porsche. But we have a passion for the brand and have sold more modern and classic Porsche than any other local used dealer.

Do you offer worldwide shipping?

We are able to arrange worldwide shipping and assist with importation and customs clearance.

Is my car insured for test drives?

Yes, we have comprehensive insurance to cover in place to cover test drives.

Do you buy diesel cars?

Due to the increasing issues with diesel cars locally we no longer buy diesel cars.

Do you settle outstanding finance?

Yes in most cases we are able to settle outstanding finance on an outright purchase or part exchange.

Can I part exchange my motorcycle?

Unfortunately we are not able to offer a part exchange service on motorbikes or scooters.

Do you take actual cash for cars?

Where possible we will except psychical cash as payment. But we do not take Euros or other foreign currencies.

Do you allow inspections to be carried out prior to purchase?

Yes inspections are welcome. The only caveat is that we only allow inspections at garages that aren’t involved in car sales. 

Do you buy left hand drive cars?

Yes we are happy to both buy LHD cars and take them in part exchange.

Do you offer car valuations on modern and classic cars?

We offer car valuations to both private and commercial clients.

I have a specialist car I would like to sell on a discreet basis can you help?

Yes we can. Give us a call today to discuss your needs.

Do you buy cars that are registered outside of the Island?

At present, we only buy Guernsey registered cars.

What documents do I need to buy a car?

You won’t need to provide any documents to us. We will supply all the necessary paperwork.

Will I have to pay the transfer of ownership fee?

No, we will cover all the transfer fees if you are buying, selling or part exchanging a vehicle.

Will I have to pay VAT if I buy a car in Guernsey and export it to the UK?

Yes, VAT is payable on all cars that are imported into the UK from the Channel Islands. However some classic and vintage cars are charged VAT at a lower rate.

How do I pay for my new car?

We except payment via bank transfer either before or at the time of delivery.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to get in touch with us and we will be happy to assist you.